Friday, September 19, 2014

My first encounter

I am new here in Manila because I came from a province, and today I experienced the flood that I only see in the news in the past. My first time to go out there and walk unto the swamped streets.

Start of Something New

After getting rejected back in my HighSchool Days, of course I became too sentimental and emotional that I let myself get hurt like that, but now that I started in college, there is this girl that captivated me, I hope I have a chance with her. <3

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Each and everyone of us will continue to struggle for our dreams. We will do whatever it takes to attain our goal, and even though we know it's hard, well, if we really want to get to that dream. Just do whatever it takes and of course have fun :)

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Doubts and Fear

Yesterday, I took the leap of faith believing that the risks I will make is going to be worth it. Sometimes, we just need to take the leap of faith and set aside our problems and just empty our cup for us to absorb more and understand and think more carefully about the decisions we will be making.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Which is better?

If you are not loved, does that mean you are hated?

My Perfect Analogy for Love

LOVE is like a FLY. The more you try to chase it with your eyes, the more your eyes are locked on it, the more it will easily vanish in your sight.

What this blog is all about

I made this blog to become my online journal I guess? If you're interested, just keep reading my blog and you have my gratitude for that. I made this because I want to improve on my writing skills, and based on what I read at the Web, writing a blog helps you improve your mind, but also enhances you writing skills. So keep updated, maybe everyday I will post new things, well this is a journal after all. Bye.

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